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We grow 50 varieties of fresh eating apples and another 20 for hard cider. Every flavor profile from sweet to tart and every use from desert to baking to juice to sauce.


Gala is a common apple with good crunch and sweetness. Especially when freshly picked like these.


The sweetest of apples needs a full season to mature. Ours are the older kind with less even color, but maximum...


A cross of Cox's Orange Pippin with Golden Delicious, this small apple is very popular in Europe and is reputed...

Newtown Pippin

Favored by Queen Victoria, this is the oldest commerically grown native variety and a Watsonville staple. Dense flesh...


Large yellow crunchy apple is multipurpose. Excellent for baking and fresh eating.

Golden Russet

A small apple with a very high sugar content and unique intense flavor. An American heirloom used for cider and fresh...

Crimson Crisp

A bright red apple with wonderful breaking crisp flesh that is fine-grained and juicy. These run small this year: 4-5...

Hudson's Golden Gem

An unusual fully russetted apple has a unique flavor with pear-like tones. Cruncy and sweet.

Mixed bag of Apples

If you want to try several kinds, order this 3 pound bag and put in the comments which varieties you would like, or...


A tasty red apple with a full spicy flavor and bright red color. Stores well.

Zabergau Reinette

A German apple that is heavily russetted. The homely skin encases a fine-grained delicate flesh that is tender and...

Kandil Sinap

Interesting shaped apple from Turkey has a crisp, fine-grained flesh with a bit of tartness.

Sierra Beauty

Also known locally as Winter Gravenstein, this California heirloom is a bit like Gravenstein in flavor but also keeps...

Karmijn de Sonnaville

A Dutch cross between Cox's Orange Pippin and Jonathan, this apple has a very intense flavor with high acidity...

Brushy Mountain Limbertwig

A fine old apple from the Brushy Mtn. region of western North Carolina. A complex fruity spicy flavor makes this...

Reinette Rouge Etoile

Small deep crimson round apples are very juicy with fine-grained flesh and unique flavor. Originated in Belgium or...

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