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Fruitilicious Farm

Apple Butter

Smooth and delicious, the apple butter all-organic ingredients are apples, maple syrup, cinnamon, and apple cider...

Apple/Quince Jelly

The quince adds pectin and a unique flavor to this vibrant jelly. All organic ingredients: Apples, Quince, Cane...


We have 3 batches of applesauce; 1. (right photo) a summer apple blend of Gala and Pink Pearl apples gives and...

Bai Ju Hua Plant

Chrysanthemum morifolium or Bai ju Hua is a relative of camomile that is used in Chinese medicine. We have a few...

Fig Jam

The taste of summer comes through! All organic ingredients: Figs, Sugar, Lemon Juice, Cardamom, Ginger.

Fig Syrup

Figs get cooked down until they are a thick pourable syrup that is excellent served on ice cream or pancakes, or...

Fig Tree

We have the following varieties in 2 gallon or 1 gallon pots: Verte, Melanzana Calabrese, Saint Jerome, LSU Scotts...


A cross between Kumquat and Lime, these mini-limes can be used just like limes. Many per pound.


A cross of Kumquat and Mandarin, this cute drop-shaped fruit has sweet edible skin and a lime-like tart interior. 8 -...

Meyer Lemon

Tangy sour with a hint of sweetness makes this a versatile lemon.

Meyer Lemon Marmelade

Exquisitely sweet and tart together, this delicacy delights the taste buds. All Organic Ingredients: Meyer Lemons,...


A prized member of the blackberry family, ollallieberries are sweet and tender with a very short season and a...

Ollallieberry Jam

Yum! Contains organic ingredients: Ollallieberries, Cane sugar, lemon juice, pectin, sea salt.

Quince Spread

A spreadable version of the Mexican specialty Membrillo, quince has a unique flavor of it's own that is similar...

Rangpur Lime

This cross between a mandarin and a citron from India is orange inside and out but tastes like a sour lime. Lovely...

Tango Mandarin

A Clementine-type mandarin without seeds. Excellent flavor.

Trovita Orange

A seedling from a Navel Orange that grows well in coastal areas. Few seeds, mild but excellent flavor.

Vanilla Blood Orange

Italian name is Vaniglia Sanguigno which means Vanilla Blood. This acidless orange gets it's lovely pink color...

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